Preparing for AfriCHI

Bringing all the art together!

Even that we knew about the installation when we submitted our proposal, the theme of the installation has been evolved as time pass by.

Heike, Antony and Carolina worked the theme of the display, which was fixed to: unique CULTURES in one connected WORLD which we think is the most suitable title for the time we are living.

Then we invite artists of the four selected countries of our installation (Namibia, Mexico, Thailand and Finalnd) with a very short notice. We are very honor and thankful they accepted (as you have notice in the previous posts)

Next step: How to bring the art together in the set up?

We have a skype talk between as we are all located in different parts of the world, it was decided to locate all the art together on the same fabric instead of four individual frames. However we did not count that even that we explain to the artists the measures, due to the short notice, it was not possible to have all the art with the same dimensions.

However, for that we can involve a new talent: graphic design.  This expretise will allow us to organize visually the art together paying attention on dimenssions and colors.

Thank you to Georgina Schweikert from SIE Expressions who took this challenge and support us on this.

Let me share you the wondeful result: