Once upon a time…

In 2016 we created teh project: Windows to the World (WoW).

WoW’s idea was to bring a photo exposition to a street and knit it with a digital technlogy, so that people could:

  1. Interact with the exposition as there was a game possibility  or
  2. Allow the personal interpretation of the performance as the photos were paired with specific orchestra music.

The technology for this project was carefully and cleverly developed. It is ready to be used at any time. Then in 2018 the opportunity emerges.

In the summer of 2018, while participating at the UNESCO Chair in ICT Summer School in Finland, in the last stop of our journey, three visionary individuals (Heike, Antony and Carolina) decided we should make an installation now in Namibia at the AfriCHI.

The theme of our diplay is: Unique cultures in one connected world, because we are living that specific period of time. Each culture is unique and precious. Simultaneously, we live in a connected world. We want to invite the audience to think about this reality of our era. For this, we are inviting four artists (one from Namibia, one from Thailand, one from México and one from Finland) to share us their vision on this topic.

We will be updating the information as we have it. That is the purpose of this website, to briefly portray the adventure of this project.

This is the video from “Windows to the World” …. looking forward to produce the one of “Unique cultures in one connected world”