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Thank you AfriCHI!

Unquestionable, this was unforgetable, full of moments and experiences. We learned and discovered, we shared with grew up with others.

We thank reviewers of our submission that agree with our installation, we thank the organizers of the conference, to all the helpers, in particular Hilma who was supporting us greatly!

Special thanks to all the artists who transform the installation meaningfully! and also to our “technical” developers who develop and deploy te technology. It is thanks to the combination of both that the expeirence is so special!

So, AfriCHI finalizes but stay tune as this installation might continue!…..

Thanks from Carolina, Heike and Mikko
Thanks from Carolina, Heike and Mikko
@ AfriCHI

Nambowa Malua sharing his interpretation of the work of Marcos Gama

After the brief interview of Nambowa Malua about his art, the idea emerged: why not does he send a message to the other artists? What is his interpretation of the art of the other contributors?  is it possible to open a conversation?

So, we asked him if he could give some words in reference to the other contributions and he accepted. Next you will listen his interpretation of  the work of Marcos Gama.

Note: at the moment of the video, Nambowa Malua hasn’t read anything related to the text that Marcos Gama sent…

After the recording, he added: the paining is powerful!

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Nambowa Malua explaining his contritubion to the installation

During the AfriCHI, Nambowa Malua visited us. So, we decided to interview him about his contribution to the installation. The idea emerged after we read the description fo Marcos Gama. After we read it we got craving to invite the other artists to write about it, but we run out of time. However now we had the possibility to ask to Nambowa Malua directly and this is what we did.

Unfortuantelly the autio is not perfect, as there ware different activities during the event, however if one pays attention, it is possible to hear his words.


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Play time

The game is simple, specially if one has observed and listened the installation.  It is matter to “touch” a button and start the sequence. The display will start with the first component of the sequence and the player has to follow it.

 Here one player who, unquestionable, was very good playing!

Next is our best helper and who explain to most of the participants how to play. At the end of the sequence, she could not believe it she did it, but actually she was wonderful in the whole conference!