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Nambowa Malua words on the work of Xiohan Zhou and Eero Oinonen

Last but not least, we asked Nambowa Malua to comment about the work of Xiohan Zhou and Eero Oinonen, who he knew were art students. Here are his words:

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Artists: Xiohan Zhou and Eero Oinonen.

Finland is the only country where we did not know a professional artist. While researching who would like to join efforts on this instasllation, Prof. Erkki Sutinen suggested us to contact the Turun Normaalikoulu. As you remember from a previous post we invited them and they accepted.

Two students were selected for the installation and we received more than one piece of art from each one. As in the case of Thailand, we needed to select one, however the rest of the contributions are in this website.

Selected art:

Music that join the work of Finland was: Fragment of Säkkijärven Polkka, Viljo Vesterinen ja Dallapé-orkesteri.

The composition of Finland in the installation @AfriCHI 2018:

Other contributions from the artists:

Preparing for AfriCHI

Welcome Finland!

In search of our artist in Finland, we were were presented to the art teacher Hanna Lehtilä. Through her, we met two young talented artists who accepted to join us in this adventure!  Now they are working in order to present their art together. THANK YOU!

We will tell you more about artist’s names soon!

Another outcome of our meeting is, we are thinking to bring the installation to Finland as well. So this is turning to be very interesting! 🙂