This website is to share our “Interactive Installation” at AfriCHI conference. When we submit our proposal to the reviewers the title of our document is: Triggering interest in outdoor gallery exhibitions through touch, sound and games.

However, as we decided to invite local artists and we are building the installation with them,  we needed a theme for this particular installation. In this case, the theme of our installation is:

Unique cultures in one connected world.

Through our installation we want to invite the audience to think about the  uniqueness of each one of our cultures. Local culture is very important and that give us access to a cultural diversity and multicultalism.  Simultaneously we are living in one connected world.
The uniqueness and connectness sometimes bring challenges and opportunities. It is a relationship in a constant tension.
Four countries are participating in this installation: Finland, Namibia, Mexico and Thailand. From each one of these countries we are inviting a local artists to express the uniqueness and connecteness from her / his perspective so we can chare the four perspective together.  Each culture might represent the theme differently and that is part of the display.
With the digital technology we aim to enhance the experience of the installation, by inviting the public to:
  1. Interact with the exposition as there is a game possibility  or
  2. Allow the personal interpretation of the performance as the photos were paired with specific orchestra music.
The visual artis might guide us as well to select the music that will pair her/his art. Thus, something special will be built for sure!
We invite you to follow this website to see the journey and adventure of this project!