@ AfriCHI

Thank you AfriCHI!

Unquestionable, this was unforgetable, full of moments and experiences. We learned and discovered, we shared with grew up with others.

We thank reviewers of our submission that agree with our installation, we thank the organizers of the conference, to all the helpers, in particular Hilma who was supporting us greatly!

Special thanks to all the artists who transform the installation meaningfully! and also to our “technical” developers who develop and deploy te technology. It is thanks to the combination of both that the expeirence is so special!

So, AfriCHI finalizes but stay tune as this installation might continue!…..

Thanks from Carolina, Heike and Mikko
Thanks from Carolina, Heike and Mikko
@ AfriCHI

Play time

The game is simple, specially if one has observed and listened the installation.  It is matter to “touch” a button and start the sequence. The display will start with the first component of the sequence and the player has to follow it.

 Here one player who, unquestionable, was very good playing!

Next is our best helper and who explain to most of the participants how to play. At the end of the sequence, she could not believe it she did it, but actually she was wonderful in the whole conference!

Preparing for AfriCHI

Travelling to Namibia

The trip started on Friday 31.11. to Namibia. It is a long trip from Turku, Finland to Windhoek, Namibia. To be more precise to the Safari hotel where the conference is taking place.

Our journey from Turku to Windhoek Namibia
If we should have drive, according to google it would have been 13,414 km. Interesting!


We did not drive. We took a bus from Turku to Helsinki, then flew from Helsinki to Doha, and Doha to Windhoek. Once in Windhoek we are moving with a car.

That is all waht we brought to Namibia. Can you guess wehre is the brain of the installation?

We were travelling two persons, and Reisenbear.  We had some luggage at the begining because we are bringing technology, lights in addition to two laptos and the brain of the installation. Ah! and some food for the journey!

After some hours we reached Namibia:

At Windhoek airport
We made it! after some hourson the road, we are finally here!

Once in our accomodation it was time to see the truth, did the technology made it?

Testing the technology in our flat!
Testing the technology in our flat!


The technology made it!  EXCEPT one speaker.

So next step is to move once more, to the conference venue and to install everything, We will keep you posted!

Preparing for AfriCHI

Bringing all the art together!

Even that we knew about the installation when we submitted our proposal, the theme of the installation has been evolved as time pass by.

Heike, Antony and Carolina worked the theme of the display, which was fixed to: unique CULTURES in one connected WORLD which we think is the most suitable title for the time we are living.

Then we invite artists of the four selected countries of our installation (Namibia, Mexico, Thailand and Finalnd) with a very short notice. We are very honor and thankful they accepted (as you have notice in the previous posts)

Next step: How to bring the art together in the set up?

We have a skype talk between as we are all located in different parts of the world, it was decided to locate all the art together on the same fabric instead of four individual frames. However we did not count that even that we explain to the artists the measures, due to the short notice, it was not possible to have all the art with the same dimensions.

However, for that we can involve a new talent: graphic design.  This expretise will allow us to organize visually the art together paying attention on dimenssions and colors.

Thank you to Georgina Schweikert from SIE Expressions who took this challenge and support us on this.

Let me share you the wondeful result:


Preparing for AfriCHI

The Journey Begins

This website is to share our “Interactive Installation” at AfriCHI conference. When we submit our proposal to the reviewers the title of our document is: Triggering interest in outdoor gallery exhibitions through touch, sound and games. 

However, as we decided to invite local artists and we are building the installation with them,  we needed a theme for this particular installation. In this case, the theme of our installation is:

Unique cultures in one connected world.

To reach this point we have reached the following milestones:

  • get to know each other (if we do not meet, we wouldn’t be doing this)
  • join visions (we needed to agree on what we wanted to do)
  • write and submit our proporal to AfriCHI
  • After the proposal was accepted, improve it according to the reviewers feedback
  • Sort out many admin tasks
  • Agree on practical details for our installation (some skype calls and whatsapp chats as Heike, Antony and Carolina live in different continents)
  • Today 12.11. open this website

So one step at the time. Currently we are looking forward to join efforts with local artists.

We will let you know here once we have the artists onboard!