Preparing for AfriCHI

The Journey Begins

This website is to share our “Interactive Installation” at AfriCHI conference. When we submit our proposal to the reviewers the title of our document is: Triggering interest in outdoor gallery exhibitions through touch, sound and games. 

However, as we decided to invite local artists and we are building the installation with them,  we needed a theme for this particular installation. In this case, the theme of our installation is:

Unique cultures in one connected world.

To reach this point we have reached the following milestones:

  • get to know each other (if we do not meet, we wouldn’t be doing this)
  • join visions (we needed to agree on what we wanted to do)
  • write and submit our proporal to AfriCHI
  • After the proposal was accepted, improve it according to the reviewers feedback
  • Sort out many admin tasks
  • Agree on practical details for our installation (some skype calls and whatsapp chats as Heike, Antony and Carolina live in different continents)
  • Today 12.11. open this website

So one step at the time. Currently we are looking forward to join efforts with local artists.

We will let you know here once we have the artists onboard!



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